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Immigration to Sweden
Sweden's population growing sharply
Immigration, which last year reached the highest figures ever measured by Statistics Sweden, continues to increase. According to Statistics Sweden's preliminary figures, some 100 000 persons will have immigrated to Sweden in 2007. Together with nearly unchanged emigration figures plus the high birth rate and a stable number of deaths results in a Swedish population prediction of 9 184 000 inhabitants on New Year's Eve.

Sweden's population is expected to increase by 71 000 persons during the year, largely due to immigration. During 2006 the rise in immigration was partly because of the temporary asylum law valid at the start of that year. Even though the law no longer applies, immigration has still increased this year. A dramatic increase in immigration from Iraq is one of the reasons behind this increase. These immigrants often have individual needs for protection or relatives in Sweden.

Citizens from the new EU countries coming to Sweden
Even new EU citizens are seeking a home in Sweden, and immigration from Romania and Bulgaria was twice as high in 2007. At the same time, immigration of Polish citizens increased by 18 percent, or 7 700 persons. Despite this, only half as many Poles immigrate to Sweden compared to Iraqis, who number 14 800 persons. Swedish citizens still top the list of immigration, or 16 percent of all immigrants.

More and more births
The number of births continues to increase. During the year, about 107 000 births are expected, an increase of over one percent compared to last year. Not since 1994 has the birth rate been so high.
In 2007 there will have been 91 000 deaths, a number about the same as in 2006. The number of births will thus exceed the number of deaths by 16 000 persons, contributing to the population increase, even if to a much lesser degree than the surplus of immigration.

Emigration still significant
During the year, the immigration surplus will be about 55 000 persons. This is because the number who emigrate is expected to be about 45 000, a slight increase compared to last year. The largest single group of emigrants comprises Swedish citizens. During the year about 25 000 Swedish citizens will have emigrated, about the same number as last year. Two thirds of these were born in Sweden. Other groups with a high emigration rate (with the exception of Nordic citizens) are Germans, Brits, Chinese and Americans.


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