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Considering moving to Germany?
Germany is a place with a rich history. It is a major industrialized nation in Europe now, if you are not interested in history to move to Germany. Germany is a union of 16 states. Before 1806, Germany was a collection of different principalities.

Considered the seventh largest country in Europe, the country has a very varied terrain. The country has heavily forested mountains and the Alps in the south of the country. Shipping to Germany is an easy task as this country has seven major rivers and there are numerous canals that crisscross the country. With a population of around 82,398,826 as per the estimates of 2003, the country can be called largely urban. Immigrating to Germany is a beautiful option as the lifestyle of the people there are a quite comfortable one. They live a life of leisure and pleasure, with a compressive social welfare in the air. The capital of Germany is Berlin. This is the most populated city in Germany, the second being Bonn, this is because Bonn was the provincial capital of West Germany. moving to Germany will not be a problem for Roman catholic or for that sake protestants as this is the religion followed by two third of the population of Germany.

As is the contribution of any country towards culture, Germany has also brought out its share of artists, writers, painters and musicians. In the field of music, there are a number of people who believe that they should live near the place of their beloved composer / musician to find inspiration. For these people moving to Germany would be great. Ludwig Van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach are some of the famous composers that the world will not forget easily. Similarly, literary giants from Germany are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Immigrating to Germany if you are an industrial worker or if you specialize in machine tools or in the automobile industry gives you a great advantage. Germany is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. It is also a leading producer of iron and steel. Germany is so located in Europe that it has become a backyard for any European problems and also a backyard for development of trade, this has put Germany always in an advantageous position in history and even to date. The unification of the states of Germany was a process that was helped by war. With the conquest of some of the states of Germany by the French, there was a joint movement for the unification of the states. This was led by Prussia, and the union lasted till the year 1867. It was again united by Otto Von Bismarck in the year 1871. Now with this and its position in Europe, Germany experienced rapid growth. Germany's raise in Europe gave it a new confidence that wanted to establish supremeness in Europe and this led to the World War I. In the year 1939 Germany once took the path of war under Adolph Hitler. Germany was no match for the combined power of the allied nations and after defeat in the hands of the allied nations Germany was broken up into four parts, the British part, the American part, the French part and the Soviet part. Later in 1945, the alliance between the countries broke up to form what one could see was the East Germany and the West Germany. The East Germany was the part that was occupied by Soviet and the other three parts of Germany joined together to form the West Germany. People did not wish to immigrate to East Germany because West Germany was more prosperous. So came up the Berlin wall, to stop this immigration. The East and West Germany was re-united on 03 Oct 1990 to become the Federal republic of Germany. But after unification, Germany is facing a lot of social and economic problems. It was like a long lost brother that was brought back into the family who was leading a life of penury. Now people are considering Immigrating to Germany as it is prosperous and will surely bring about a change in the lives of people. As I told you Germany is centrally located in Europe and this is to the advantage of people who would like to travel a lot and make life an adventure. Immigrating to Germany just for this too is a good option as you can have easy access to France, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. If you are a ski lover, then the Alps in Germany is a nice place for you to go to. You might consider moving to Germany just for this.

The major cities that one should consider immigrating to are Munich and Stuttgart. This is so because it is some of the most developed industrial nations in the world. Shipping to Germany was aided for centuries by the Rhine River which flows in the north westerly direction. This has led to major economic development here. The main tributaries of the river are Neckar, Main, Mosel and the Ruhr rivers. The Oder River is another major river that helps you Shipping to Germany, as this is a river that runs between Poland and Germany. With the construction of the Rhine- Danube canal, water borne transportation was made easier from the Black sea to the North Sea.

moving to Germany for mining in the early 19th century was a fashion then. This was because of the presence of iron and coal mining deposits. The path of industrial progress of Germany was paved by the availability of Germany's natural resources locating near each other. The locating of coal near iron is aided in the extracting process of iron and further processing. With the availability of potash and salts deposits, there was considerable development in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. With the availability of wood, petroleum, natural gas and lignite, there was no stopping in the industrial growth of Germany.

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